the-mess bistro

Fully Licensed, Home made food, simple service, stylish surroundings

As a family run bistro we are committed to providing friendly yet discreet service; honest, locally sourced and reasonably priced food, skillfully prepared by our Head Chef.

Whilst our concept could be described as a hybrid of quality and informality our commitment is to adopt a "holistic approach" to dining with an emphasis on providing food that is simple and enjoyable, complemented with discreet but attentive service amongst stylish surroundings.

Whether visiting us during the day or night, we strive to contribute towards putting back a little of what life takes out. Our absorbing and friendly atmosphere and indeed our menus are a fusion of village meets urban and where traditional complements creative with a modern twist.


Food Philosophy

Our menu uses the finest locally sourced ingredients to create dishes with finely balanced flavours and freshness that only local ingredients can provide.

We know that both the time and distance between field to fork should be kept to a minimum which is why sustainability is at the heart of our business. We partner with local suppliers to ensure everything we provide supports the local community and businesses alike.

Please note that whilst our menus are a good representative sample of what we provide, they are subject to change.

Equally we are very open to suggestions and if you see something that does not appear on our menu we will always try our best to accommodate your requests..........So fish and chips for example is possible, but we would struggle with say crocodile or sushi..........You get it right............

Below is only a representative sample of our menu.




Please see our social media sites for special events and menu updates.